Message from the President

We create brand new business opportunities, make new plans, and suggest proposals through our own analysis and our advanced network, based on changing people’s consciousness day by day.

Our country has experienced a huge change since the beginning of the high-speed growth era. Improvements in the standard of living, drastic changes in industrial structure and economic circumstances, and the diversification of individual awareness and values are prominent examples. Such changes are continually accelerating. Because of this, our roles and functions have also undergone significant change. Now we are expected not only to act as an intermediary between companies and media, or between companies and consumers, but to also provide consulting support. To accomplish this we must integrate internet at the heart of marketing, PR, designing, products, merchandise, as well as design a sales promotion with our motto of providing utmost customer service and sharing risks.

Occasionally we must be honest and tell you some hard truths. In the case you prefer a “yes-man,” you might not need our assistance. As a result of such corporate activities, we became the first SME advertising agency responsible for advertisements at the Nagano Olympics for the first time since Olympic Games in Sapporo 26 years ago.

Furthermore, we struggled with the former Ministry of Post and Telecommunications for almost four and a half years to obtain deregulation in order to establish a private weather information company. Consequently we acquired 5GHz band width, which is still controversial in terms of wireless internet, and installed it on the Izu Oshima Islands of Tokyo.

Though we are a small group of people, we would like to deliver to you a reinvigorating wind as our company name, VENTO in Italy, indicates.

VENTO Corporation
1, Aizumi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0005

14, Daikyo-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0015